Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspiration Pinboard: Cinematic Symmetry

Movies draw their inspiration from everything in the world around them, and so can your knitting or crochet crafts.

While watching movies lately, some symmetrical pattern inspiration leaped off the screen. We created a pin board to highlight our inspiration connections.

Pinboards or journals are great ways to store your inspiration as you come across it. Whenever you need ideas for color combos, patterns, or any new ideas, flipping through these inspiration piles can help stir your imagination.

This edition draws mostly from the Shining, and the works of Stanley Kubrick, who loved symmetry and patterns and featured them prominently. The eye-catching scenes in his movies inspired us to choose yarn colors, pattern textures, and some little accessories and additions to projects.

Colors, patterns, and textures. Collect your own photos and make inspiration collages featuring whatever captures your imagination. This is how we were inspired, but your own unique eye and style is what makes an inspiration board great!

The colors coming across in our board reminded us of these adorable Baggu reusable bags. The orange and yellow cat print is bold, but we love it. Find this bag and other great prints here »

Danny wears a knitted sweater in the film, featuring stars and the Apollo 11 spaceship. We located the pattern for this sweater, and think Karisma has the perfect colors for the project. 

These cotton ribbons also pull the colors from the carpeting or from the knit sweater photos we have added to our board. Featuring Nordic patterns, they are great additions to your projects and they will add another detail that emphasizes color and pattern. Find all our Cotton Ribbons here »

The iconic carpet of the Overlook Hotel features such a striking pattern, and bold colors.
We think Drops Alpaca could replicate this pattern perfectly.
We feel inspired to knit a scarf or socks in this pattern! Colorwork,  oh yeah!

The symmetrical black and white patterns featured in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey reminded us of the symmetry in Cascade's Double Knit Scarf in black and white. You can find this pattern for free here »

The maze scene in the movie is creepy and features interesting shots. We love the way the maze walls create a twisting pattern, and love the way the two tones of green create an interesting look in this scarf.
Holding two strands together in different colors creates very interesting tonal effects and is as eye-catching as the maze. Try it out!
We hope you were inspired, and would love to see YOUR inspiration groupings. Show us where you draw inspiration from on our Facebook page, our Google+, or tag us in your Instagram photos @nordicmart #nordicmartinspiration

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