Monday, March 31, 2014

Knitted Felted Nesting Bowls

Image and pattern from Craftfox
We stumbled upon an adorable pattern on Craftfoxes for felted bowls that nest inside each other and decided to give it a try! It's wonderful for beginning felters, and would make a great handmade gift or be a cute addition to your Easter decorations. It's quick and easy, check it out!

We recommend a bulky yarn for this project. Drops Eskimo or Schachenmayr Wash Filz-It are both great choices and felt the easiest.

We picked three different shades of Eskimo for tonal look to these bowls. Each one is a different color.

Size US 9 Double Pointed Needles
         (You can choose the same color or different colors)
A sink or a washing machine for felting

Follow the instructions in the pattern and end by felting either by hand or in your washing machine. It just takes some hot water and some friction to get these yarns to cling to themselves and turn into a felt material. The only little difference we made to this pattern is we did not bind off and pick up stitches, we simply continue to knit the entire way. They ended up looking like mini hats before felting!

Before felting
After Felting, the bowls need to be shaped on a mold while drying
  We promise you have things around your house that you can use as molds. Be creative! We used a candle, an oatmeal container, a vase, and a metal kitchen spoon holder.  You can use bowls for more of a bowl shape than a cylinder or basket shape.

Knitted bowls stacked before felting

Knitted bowls stacked after felting

Happy Crafting and Felting! 

Send us your photos of your finished felted bowls on our