Monday, July 22, 2013

Hook Happy

It's nice to have good tools to use for your craft.

We carry a variety of crochet hooks, and I'm going to give you a quick tour of what we have in our Store!

Everyone has their own preference of size and material, and there are a few choices.  We carry both wood and metal crochet hooks. Let me break it down for you.

Our hooks, ranging from smallest to largest, metal to wood/plastic

1. Drops Small Steel Hook:  These steel hooks are the smallest we carry and run for only $1.90 each.  We have 0.75 mm to 1.75 mm in the steel hooks made by Drops, and they are 5" long.  These hooks are great for doilies or very small crochet details. They can also be used to thread yarn through buttons or for picking up dropped stitches.

2. Prym Comfort Grip Hook: These metal hooks from brand Prym are great because they have a soft grip! Especially with the smaller hooks, it is great to have something more substantial to hold onto and a nice comfy surface for your fingers.  These hooks start at $2.45 and come in sizes from 2.5mm (B) to 6.0mm (J)

3. Prym Metal Hook: We only carry this hook in one size, 6.5mm (K), and it does not come with a comfort grip style.  It's still a great sturdy metal hook, and is only $2.45. Just a basic hook if you prefer simplicity.

4. Drops Metal Hook: Drops Metal Crochet Hooks are our most affordable option at only $1.90 each! They range in size from 2 mm (B) to 5 mm (H) and are made with lightweight Aluminum.  This is a great go to hook, and you can get yourself the whole range of sizes for under $15 !!

5. Drops Wood Hook: Drops Hooks are made in Bamboo for their smaller hook sizes.  Their bamboo hooks range from 4.5 mm to 12 mm and start at $4.50.

6. Knitter's Pride Wood Hook: These wooden hooks are great because they come in fun colors! Including yellow, pink, blue, green  and purple, these hooks definitely are the most stylish from our group.  They're a little pricier, ranging from $5.25 to $7.75 with increasing sizes from 3.5 mm (E) to 8 mm (L).  The hooks are a little deeper on Knitters Pride Hooks than the Drops or Prym hooks, so the extra dollars can be worth it. The Knitters Pride Hooks also come in a set of 8 hooks, either with single ended hooks or Tunisian Crochet interchangeable hooks if you want more than one size.

7. Drops Bigger Wooden Hooks: The larger Drops hooks are made in Birch and run from 6 mm to 10 mm. They're just a simple hook, priced from $3.65.

8. Drops Plastic Glitter Hook: This hook is just fun.  It only comes in 9mm and 10mm, so its for your chunkier yarns.  The gold glitter is suspended in the plastic, and its just a cool hook to have. At only $4.40, why not add one to your hook collection?

 If you're looking for some new crochet patterns to go with your favorite crochet hook, check out for thousands of free patterns!

You can find all our hooks to purchase in our Webstore! 

Happy Hooking,

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