Saturday, July 13, 2013

Floral Fancy

Flower bring a lot of joy.
They smell good, they're bright and colorful.
They're also easy to crochet! 

A flower made with Drops Delight. Crochet this flower using this pattern.

There are endless possibilities for designing your own flowers with different color combinations, yarn combinations, and petal combinations.

All of the flowers in our blog banner were crocheted with DROPS patterns and various yarns, and we're giving you a little insight to make your own field of crochet flowers.
Some of our favorite flower patterns are included in this post, but you can find the whole selection here.

These make great gifts, great additions to projects such as headbands, bags, or hair clips, and are just fun and simple to make.  Once you make one you won't be able to put your hook down.

This Safran flower can be made with this pattern.

We recommend Safran as your flower yarn of choice, but Delight is also a great choice for its color changes.  Both can be found in our Webstore.

Even better, our cotton yarns are on sale for 35% off for the month of July, so you can grab some various weights and colors for just a few dollars!

The leaves you see can be made using this pattern, and we love the flowers included in the pattern as well.

These are made with bulky yarn Drops Eskimo. The pattern is shown in this tutorial video, so it is great for beginners!

Find all the flower patterns by Drops Design here.
and if you need any new crochet hooks for your flowers, find our whole selection here.

Please share what you come up with! We love these little beauties and would love to post a collage of all the flowers our fans make :)

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Happy Crocheting :)


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