Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's New?

We have some new awesome products that we want to introduce to you! 
These are just a few things we have added to our selection lately that we think think you should see.

First off are some of our NEW Chic-a bags. We will slowly be adding new stock of these bags, but one of our favorite new bags is the Market Tote.

We have a few different patterns, and these bags are perfect not only for your knitting or crochet projects, but also as a grocery tote, a bag to take to the beach, or to carry work or school supplies!

We have 4 adorable patterns in the Market Tote, but just one of each in stock! Grab yours before its sold out!

The interior has two pockets, a magnetic closure, and two snaps to extend the bag from smaller to larger .

 You don't want to miss this next item!
We have a new, very unique item you won't find anywhere else.
It's called a Yarn Susan, and its meant to keep your skeins of yarn or cones of thread from rolling away while you're working with them! It spins smoothly, much like a lazy susan on a table and is very easy to travel with since it features a removable spindle!
These would make a great gift for yarn lovers, and each one is one-of-a-kind and handmade in the USA. We met the creator, Jack, when we bought these yarn susans, and we selected a few of his most gorgeous Cherry wood susans!

As you pull your working yarn, the yarn susan smoothly spins on its base to dispense your yarn easily and keep your skein from rolling away.
A bottom view of the well crafted spinning mechanism on the Yarn Susan

It comes with its own cloth bag to store it away or travel in. The spindle is easily removable.
You can wind your yarn right onto the Susan by spinning it, or by using the spindle as a Nostepinne.

 Have you ever tried Tunisian Crochet? 
It's a different method of crochet which creates a denser stitch, and can look more like knitting that traditional crochet. The hooks are attached to a cord, since this techniques has all the stitches you are working on the hook at one time.

If you've never tried this technique before, grab one of our Tunisian Hooks and give it a try.
You can buy all of our hooks by themselves in our Webstore. And if you love Tunisian Crochet, we have a whole set of Tunisian Crochet Hooks.

To learn Tunisian Crochet watch these videos:
Tunisian Crochet Afghan Stitch
Tunisian Crochet Knit Stitch

To make this easy pattern, follow these basic instructions:
Ipad cover in Tunisian crochet
Measure from side to side: 7½ x 10 inches (19x25cm)
2 skeins DROPS Nepal #8783 forget-me-not (or whichever worsted weight yarn you like best)
Work tunisian crochet following tutorial videos

With hook 5mm/H ch 29. Insert the hook back into the 2nd ch from hook, pull yarn through, then insert hook in next ch, pull yarn through and so on until end of chain row. All 28 new sts remain on the hook. At the end of row do not turn work, but now start binding off each stitch by first pulling yarn through 1 st, then yarn trough 2 sts at the same time until end of row. Pick up sts again and continue back and forth.
When piece measure 21 inch (54cm) work a row with sc along upper edge, making 3 button hole loops evenly by chaining 6-8 sts before continuing with sc in each st.
Fasten off. Fold piece double so top flap with loops overlaps. Sew tog sides. Sew on buttons to match the loops.


There are a lot of fun Tunisian Crochet patterns available on Ravelry if you need more of this fun stitch.  

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